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    Zanzito is an app that acts as a bridge between your Android phone and an MQTT server. MQTT is a lightweight means of communication between systems, such as your home automation system and the various sensors and hardware devices in your home.
    The MQTT protocol is based on the principle of publishing messages and subscribing to topics, or "pub/sub". Multiple clients connect to a broker and subscribe to topics of interest. Clients connect to the broker and publish messages to topics.

      With Zanzito, your Android phone becomes a fully integrated home automation appliance, but other uses are possible, MQTT being an open and very flexible system.

      With Zanzito, you can send to your server/home automation system information from your Android phone:

      - Your current location;
      - The values of the hardware sensors in your phone (i.e. battery level, ambient temperature, light level and so on);
      - Pictures from your phone (manually or at a given interval).
      - Any other information you want through MQTT publishing to your own custom topics ("Activities"). For example, you can send a message to switch a light on, or activate your home alarm system.

      You can also receive:

      - Text messages and notifications;
      - Audible alarms;
      - SMS text messages to be sent through your phone.
      - Any other information (including pictures) through MQTT subscriptions to your own custom topics ("Reports").

      Zanzito also supports:
      - SSL/TLS connections to the MQTT broker and dual host configuration (public/local addresses) with home WiFi auto-detection.
      - Custom voice commands for any publishing topic ("Activity") added by the user and, EXPERIMENTALLY, continuous voice recognition.
      - Text to speech functionality (TTS) also via MQTT.
      - FIND ( for room presence detection.
      - Auto-discovery of current topics on your MQTT server.
      - Admin module to manage remotely all your Zanzito devices.

      - Remote administration via MQTT.

      If you use Home Assistant ( you can find a custom notifier component here:

      The publication of Zanzito in temporary suspended.


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