PINT - Personal Intonation Trainer

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    PINT is an innovative app that trains both your ear and your instrumental skills

    While you can use PINT as a standard multi-temperament tuner and tone generator, an innovative function allows you to check your intonation by ear against a fixed drone of your choice.

    You can choose the height of the drone (the fundamental of the scale), the octave, the base "A" pitch and the temperament: PINT will recognize the scale step you are playing and check your intonation against the selected temperament.

      PINT can also give you a hint: you will hear both the base drone and the note you are playing (with the correct tuning). With beat tones and combination tones in your ears, being in tune couldn't be easier!

      Eleven main temperaments are preloaded into the app:
      - Equal;
      - "PINT pure" (a different flavour of just intonation);
      - Just intonation;
      - Vallotti;
      - Young;
      - Werckmeister III;
      - Kirnberger III;
      - Pythagorean;
      - Quarter comma meantone;
      - Fifth comma meantone;
      - Sixth comma meantone.

      But you can load any other 12 steps temperament of your choice, from over 4.500 available in Scala (scl) format (, or even define your own.

      With copy&paste and by exporting it to a Scala file, you can easily share your custom temperament with your friends, colleagues and students. 

      Headphones required!

      A beta version of PINT (in English and Italian) is now available on Google Play store:



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