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    AUT - Auto USB Tether is an utility app that automatically activates your USB Tethering functionality whenever you connect your device to a PC/Mac through an Usb cable.

    Gianluca Barbaro (AUT's Developer):
    I decided to develop AUT after unsuccessfully trying the 10+ apps on the Play Store that claim to do what AUT does. None of them worked on my device or they were too complicated to use. Auto-activation of Usb tethering is not supported by the Android system, so it's not a surprise that those apps didn't work. It is a complicated matter from a developer's stand point.
    With AUT I tried a different approach: auto-detection of the necessary parameters. It's not guaranteed to work on any device, but it definitely has more chances than apps with hardcoded parameters. Give it a try!

    AUT can also show the current USB In/Out networking traffic and (attempt to) hide your tethered traffic from your carrier.

      AUT requires a ROOTED device in order to run properly.

      On non-rooted devices, you can use AUT only as a shortcut to the Tethering System Settings screen and to monitor your USB network traffic.

      AUT does its best to auto-detect the necessary parameters to run (they vary depending on Vendor, Model and Android version), but it's not guaranteed it will successfully work.

      To verify if AUT is working on your device, please ensure first that:

      1. Your USB tethering is successfully working when manually activated from the System settings (you might have to install desktop drivers);
      2. Again, your USB Tethering has to be already working. AUT simply automates its activation upon a cable connection with your PC/Mac;
      3. Your device is rooted;
      4. You have granted root permissions to AUT;
      5. AUT didn't alert you about not being able to auto-detect the needed parameters;
      6. You have activated "AUTO USB TETHER ON" in AUT.

      If all of the above check, (disconnect and re-) connect your device to your PC/Mac through an USB cable and see if the USB Tethering activates.

      In case of failure, please send an email message to indicating your device Vendor, Model and Android version or, better, use the auto-report functionality within AUT (Menu->Send report).

      The version of AUT you download from Google Play Store contains ads and will allow for max 25 successful automatic USB tethering activations: afterwards you will have to buy a license from within the App (Menu->Buy license).
      Once you buy a license, the ads will disappear and you will have no more limits of utilization.

      Help improve AUT!
      In case AUT is not working properly on your device, you can send a report to help the developer support your device model:

      1. Manually activate USB Tethering from System Prefs;
      2. Go back to AUT and select Menu->Send report;
      3. Send the generated email report.

      The developer might contact you in order to have a developing version tested. In case of success, you will receive a free Promotional code to unlock AUT.

      Successful activations so far:
      HUAWEI Y300-0100 (4.1.1) API-16
      FUTURA GRAFICA SPA MT-734G Actiive (4.4.2) API-19
      Samsung GT-I9505 (5.0.1) API-21


      A beta version of AUT is now available on Google Play store:



      AUT - Privacy statement

      AUT - End User License Agreement